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Ισολογισμός 2018
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We stage the dream with you starring

Epilektiki Stepsis provides you with everything regarding the holding of your wedding, either the whole of it or part of it. Hand-made bombonieres, wedding crowns with special materials of gold, platinum, silver threads and any kind of material that will make you shine even more on the day of your wedding. Tasteful invitations, airy wedding gowns and anything that can ideally complete the picture of your own celebration. Original clothes for one of the most important days of your baby, candles, oil towels, christening boxes and anything that can specially garnish this beautiful day!

Exclusive tastes, unique service

Pure and fresh ingredients with unrivalled taste results. Fine tastes with extraordinary ingredients of the Greek and international cuisine. The special taste is combined with the luxurious equipment, the proper decoration and the impeccable service, so that each event can reflect its own identity. Cocktails, receptions, celebrations, christenings, conventions, seminars, openings, meetings and any kind of personal and business events are a few of the things our team successfully covers.

Luxurious spaces for any taste and event type

We have established long-lasting and healthy associations with reception halls, big clubs, entertainment centres, restaurants, cultural spaces, and we guarantee that our proposals are the most appropriate for your events (weddings, christenings, conventions, business meals, cocktails, celebrations, corporate packages). With regard to your space, or even your residence, we will be glad to give it the special appearance it needs depending on the circumstances, with particular elegance and taste.

Exciting moments in unforgettable events

With our experience in event holding of international standards, we have acquired the knowledge for the creation of complete projects that cover any kind of social and business event. We study, plan, propose and support your choices, while, at the same time, we fully make use of our network of specialised associates, in order to hold an event that shall exceed your expectations, but not your budget. Our know-how in the event holding offers impeccable results at a low cost, as well as the control of multi-level procedures in all the sectors of an event holding. We undertake the holding of weddings, christenings, engagements, bachelor parties, balls, parties, conventions, openings, business meals or dinners, cocktail parties or anything else you like, all over the country, always focusing on the impeccable result.